We want everyone to be safe, to enjoy cycling, and for it to be fun and affordable.

Free safety checks and repairs for everyone

The cost of maintaining a bike can become the reason they fall into disrepair. Bike shops can be expensive places...

…a typical service costs from £60, a tyre change costs from £22, fitting a new gear mechanism from £28…

We are passionate about bicycles and we know the health benefits that cycling can bring. We want bikes being ridden and not waiting for repair. That’s why we don’t charge for our time, only the parts used. All charges are transparent. There is no motivation for us to fit more parts than the bike needs. By doing this we hope more bikes will be maintained, kept safe, and ultimately used. An aim of the Canterbury Bike Project.

All our mechanics are City & Guilds or Cytech Qualified, and we are Park Tool School registered (see here).  Alongside general servicing and repairs we can offer the following specialist services,

    • eBike service and repair – a Bosch authorised centre
    • Wheel building
    • Fork and shock servicing
Book your bike in with us for a repair or service.

Cycle Maintenance: It's as easy as riding a bike

Learn how to cycle as a child and you’ll never forget how, but never stop learning how to stay safe and have fun.

We're here to help the community and improve your riding experience. We see so many unused, or poorly maintained bikes at the workshop - this is a plea to check your bike. So have you just grabbed your bike out of the shed, or not used it in a while? One of our favourite charities, Sustrans, has a simple and short video showing you exactly what to check before you set off. Give your bike a quick once over; it could save you trouble further into the ride. If you're not confident in doing this, drop by the Canterbury Bike Project and we'll do it for you... free.

Check your bike is safe to ride - A How-To Guide

Like any business, The Canterbury Bike Project has overheads and expenditure to cover. Even with the best intentions to do what we do, costs money. So, if you can afford to pay for your servicing and maintenance, and you use us because we’re good at what we do, then please consider donating to our not-for-profit cause here so we can support those less financially secure to keep their pedals moving too. We can’t operate on kindness alone but we try. We offer everyone the same level of service, for the lowest price we can. All we ask is that you have some community spirit and don’t take advantage of this service.