we can supply you a new bike

If you are looking for a new bike, or a used bike, then do try us. Although, remember we’re not a bike shop, we don’t have a store front or demo bikes.

What we do is sell pre-owned bikes. We recycle, refurbish, and rebuild them to a high standard replacing any worn parts.

We can also order new bikes, including e-bikes but only after a consultation to make sure the bike is going to be right for you.

For the very keen cyclist you can also commission us to build a bike to your requirements if you know what you want – we’ll work with you to ensure the bike will be a good fit for the intended purpose, suggest suitable components, and then give you a quotation for the build. You could even attend our Park Tool School and build it yourself with our assistance.

HOT TOPIC : Buying Used?

Take care when buying secondhand bikes from selling sites. We see a lot of bikes that are purchased from reselling sites such as FaceBook Marketplace, Gumtree and eBay.

Many of these bikes have defects with some seriously unsafe to ride.

Take a look at the basics of what to check below. If you need any advice when buying a used bike please do contact us. We are more than happy to help.

Tyres – check for wear or cracks, that they are inflated. Wheels – look for loose or broken spokes. That they spin freely and smoothly, with no sideways movement.
Brakes – check both front and back brakes work. That the levers are smooth. Check the pads and braking surface for wear.
Headset – the handlebar should steer the front wheel smoothly with no play forward and back – hold the front brake on and rock it back and forward to check this.
Bottom Bracket – the pedals and ‘crank’ should have no sideways movement, and move the front chainrings round smoothly.
Seat – check the seat and seat post can be moved to a position suitable for you.
Gears – check for chain wear if you can. Make sure any gears work correctly by taking it for a test ride. Gear shifters on the handlebars should be smooth to operate, The chain should be lightly oiled, not heavily greased.


We have a constantly changing stock of bikes. All are donated to us for the benefit of the project. They go through our workshop to be checked over and repaired if needed prior to being made available for purchase. The bikes listed below are some of our current bikes that are available. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these.